These diagnostic screening quizzes each consist of 30 spellings taken from the English National Curriculum.


The tests can be carried out as a traditional written test or online on QuizShed. 


These tasks are designed to diagnose whether your student(s) should start on the spelling stage which matches their school year group.


Stage 1 = Year 1 
Stage 2 = Year 2 
Stage 3 = Year 3 
Stage 4 = Year 4 
Stage 5 = Year 5 
Stage 6 = Year 6


What do the results mean? 


The questions have been chosen to represent a range of spellings from across the year group.
If a child scores less than 4 then they should practise spellings at the stage below the test assigned.*
If a child scores 5 – 25 then they should practise spellings at the test’s stage.
If a child scores 26 – 30 then they should practise spellings at the stage above the test’s stage.*



* There are some slight differences for children at Stage 1 and Stage 6, which are explained on the page for that level.



Note:  This is not a spelling assessment but an aid to guage where children are broadly at in terms of spelling attainment.  It may be that children who score highly on these tests still have some gaps in spelling knowledge and therefore need to practise lists from their own stage as well as those in the stage above.