Grammar Arcade

Are you ready to improve your grammar skills while having fun?

Enter the Grammar Arcade, Spelling Shed’s solution to improving grammar skills in a fun and engaging way. Grammar Arcade is included in your Spelling Shed subscription. You'll find a treasure trove of arcade-style games designed to transform grammar practice into an exhilarating adventure.

Children love Grammar Arcade!

"The new characters are great!"
Year 6 pupil, Rochford Primary School
"It is like you are not even learning as you are playing these cool games."
Year 6 pupil, Rochford Primary School
"It is awesome."
Year 6 pupil, Rochford Primary School
"You can have fun while learning."
Year 6 pupil, Rochford Primary School

Key Features

Here's what awaits you in the Grammar Arcade:

Fun and Engaging Games

Sharpen your skills with a variety of exciting games that target specific grammar and punctuation objectives.

Play Your Way

Pathway 1: Choose your learning Stage and a specific curriculum objective. You'll then be whisked away to the perfect arcade game to master that skill.

Pathway 2: Feeling adventurous? Dive straight into a game you love, then choose the curriculum objective you want to practise within that game. The choice is yours!

Honeypot Power

Earn honeypots, Spelling Shed's very own currency, as you conquer grammar challenges. Use your honeypots to upgrade your avatar and personalise it to reflect your unique style!

Our Grammar Games

Perfect Pups

Balance treats on the nose of the well-behaved dog. Give the perfect pup all of the treats. The perfect pup will be the answer to each question. Try to reach the end without losing treats to naughty dogs.

Mouse Mansion

Solve the maze and avoid the ghosts. Move around the spooky maze and find the room that answers the question at the top of the screen. Look out! The mouse is terribly afraid of ghosts!

Fish Fast

Ready for a fishing challenge? Tap or click your mouse to catch a fish. Answer questions to build up power and reel them in. Bigger fish take more power to catch but are worth more honeypots. How much can you score with four tiles?

Honey Hippo

Test your knowledge to win big! Answer the hippo’s questions to fill the honey jar. Each correct answer in a row will earn you more and more honey. The amount increases with each consecutive correct answer. All the honey collected in the jar will be rewarded as honeypots.

Bracket Bridge

Add brackets to sentences with the mechanical claw. Use the claw to pinch the extra information in each sentence. Drag the arms of the mechanical claw. Press the claw’s nose to submit your answer.

Punctuation Pirates

Pirates are invading! Puncture their sails with proper punctuation. Aim and click to fire the cannon at parts of the sentence that need correcting. Look at your cannonballs to see which punctuation mark will fire from the cannon next. Blue cannonballs add a punctuation mark to the sentence. Red cannonballs replace a punctuation mark or character in a sentence.

Pairs to the Pond

Match the pairs and get the duckling to the pond. Tap or drag the blocks to match the pairs. Remove enough blocks to help the duck reach the pond. New blocks are continuously added, so match fast! Golden blocks are worth more honeypots.

Sweet Dream Sentences

Complete the sentences to give sweet dreams to the snoozing bear. Use the mouse to drag dream bubbles into the dream cloud to complete the sentence. Avoid having a bad dream all night to earn bonus honeypots.