“I use Spelling Shed to teach sight word recognition and spelling. Spelling Shed is an independent assignment for my students. I am currently teaching remotely so I assign Spelling Shed via Google Classroom. I use the Hive Game to administer spelling tests every Friday. My students love it! I love that I receive data instantly.”


Teacher, 3rd & 4th Grade.

Dunbar Elementary, Atlanta GA

Is there a connection between Spelling and Reading?

In a word, “Yes.” There is more evidence than ever before that spelling is foundational for reading.

There is a direct connection between poor spelling and poor reading (Adams, 2011; Gentry & Graham, 2010; Moats, 2005; Reed, 2012). In most elementary schools across the country spelling is tested, but no longer taught. When we fail to provide word lists based on letter and sound patterns or spelling sound correspondences we fail to activate the circuitry in the brain required for reading. Spelling helps develop automaticity with the words on the page for sound and meaning. This automaticity with words frees up the brain during the process of reading and allows the reader to be much more fluent. Many recent research studies have demonstrated that spelling is foundational for reading (Abbott, Berninger, & Fayol, 2010; Gentry & Graham, 2010; Moats, 2005; Reed, 2012).

So yes, there are strong connections between spelling and reading.


Our Approach:

Spelling Shed’s approach to spelling involves the relationship between sounds and written symbols and using morphology to help spell through meaning. Spelling Shed provides word lists for students in K-5 that follow a systematic progression of phonics and word study skills typically addressed at each grade level. The carefully selected word lists and engaging activities allow opportunities to incorporate phonics and meaning to strengthen spelling skills and build vocabulary acquisition.

Our digital platform is highly engaging for students. We provide multiple levels of support for those students who require it as they learn new words. In addition, we offer a variety of learning games to maintain student engagement. Spelling Shed can be incorporated into your current literacy centers and takes up very little classroom instruction time. For teachers, we provide student data on activities along with aggregate data on specific spelling competences.

Spelling Curriculum:

Research provides evidence that spelling should be taught systematically (T.D. Horn, 1969; Joshi et al., 2008/2009). Spelling growth is a developmental process. Providing the right words and patterns at the right time has a significant impact on the success that students have. The focus of our word lists are organized around letter and sound patterns in early grade levels and shift to more advanced spelling sound correspondences along with common prefixes/suffixes and Greek and Latin roots as grade levels increase. We provide word lists that incorporate previously taught spelling skills along with irregular words and grade level appropriate high-frequency words. Our curriculum aligns with current ELA standards.

Already have word lists for your school or district? Spelling Shed makes it easy for teachers to create their own word lists and share with others. In addition, we provide several of the popular reading series word lists along with common high-frequency word lists.

At $2/student or less Spelling Shed provides an affordable resource for schools and districts.

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