Help your child build the skills they need to succeed with English language - and enjoy doing it!

Choosing appropriate resources for your homeschool curriculum can be a daunting task. There are so many choices out there. EdShed provides resources that are designed to supplement your Language Arts and Math curriculum. Spelling Shed and Math Shed are Elementary level activities that provide both online and offline engaging activities for your students.

“The spelling curriculum really is one of my favorite spelling curriculums out there. Everything is done for me and I don’t have to search for lists.”

Richie - Homeschool mom in Texas

“As a homeschooling mom who teaches many different classes each day, I find that resources that can help me track my child's progress and assign classes are valuable.”

Betty D - Homeschool mom in Ohio

🐝 Just $62.50 / year for up to 5 children.

🐝 Unique spelling curriculum giving 100% coverage of ELA spelling standards and delivers accelerated progress!

🐝 Fun, ONLINE practice game and OFFLINE activities and worksheets.

🐝 Create UNLIMITED custom word lists.

🐝 Dolch, Fry and other spelling curriculum lists are pre-loaded.

🐝 Play live multiplayer Hive Games with siblings or friends.

🐝 Set weekly assignments and track progress.

Spelling Shed Provides:

  • A full spelling curriculum that is grade-level specific. Word lists are based on letter and sound patterns. Our spelling word lists help take the guesswork out of what words to choose and our spelling lists are standards aligned.
  • The ability to track your students' progress. We provided data that is easy to understand and provides insight on spelling mistakes. Our assignment features allows you to establish a weekly spelling routine.
  • Our online curriculum is incredibly engaging for your students. Hive Games allow for the automation of weekly spelling tests and are great for pre-assessment as well.

Math Shed Provides:

  • Increase your students' fluency with addition & subtraction, multiplication tables, number pairs, and more. Math Shed is a great way to compliment your homeschool maths curriculum.
  • A game-like format that challenges and rewards your students. Math Shed helps build your child’s confidence with maths fluency.
  • The ability to track your child’s progress and see what maths skills they might need additional help with. The data reports from EdShed are easy to understand and provide insight into what skills have been mastered and what skills are developing.

Choose one or both of our homeschooling solutions for your educational needs.

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