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The big change I noticed as a class teacher was the enthusiasm for learning spellings and the weekly hive game was anticipated with excitement from the children. Case Study Poverest Primary School

Spelling Shed's approach to spelling involves the relationship between sounds and written symbols as well as using morphology to help spell through meaning.

The carefully selected word lists and engaging activities provide opportunities to incorporate phonics and meaning to strengthen spelling skills and build vocabulary acquisition.

The Spelling Shed Scheme

Our spelling teaching scheme is the most up-to-date scheme available based on cutting edge research into the teaching of spelling.

With 216 lessons spread over six stages each lesson includes features to enhance the teaching and learning in your setting and is designed to be flexible to fit within the variable timetables that schools have. Based on phonics, morphology and etymology, it includes main teaching inputs, which can then be followed up with additional activities that can be carried out immediately after the input during an extended session or revisited throughout the week in order to consolidate the learning further.

Mastery Zone


Mastery Zone is the EdShed tool that ensures each pupil's learning is focused on the words and spelling patterns they need to master in order to progress. Powered by our own Nano Bees, Mastery Zone acts as a tireless learning companion, continuously tracking each pupil's spelling and vocabulary gaps and automatically providing targeted practice until mastery is achieved, freeing teachers for richer classroom experiences.

Mastery Zone Intro Mastery Zone Nano Bee Mastery Zone Charts Mastery Zone Stamps

Fun, engaging games used by millions of pupils worldwide

Spelling Bee

Word Lists

Our system gives access to over a million word lists, including our official lists and custom made lists.


Custom Word Lists

As well as our structured scheme lists, you can duplicate and edit existing word lists, or just create your own.


Our grammar curriculum covers all of the English curriculum expectations for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Each year group has small step learning episodes covering all key areas of the grammar, punctuation and spelling curriculum: Word, Text, Sentence and Punctuation. Each small step is linked to a National Curriculum statement.


Spelling Shed is made by teachers, for teachers and was developed in the founder's classroom. We have built a suite of tools to enable teachers and schools to manage pupils' data, including reporting on assessments. Spelling Shed tracks student game plays along with their responses. Teachers can monitor weekly activity in order to advance or remediate as needed.

Our platform enables learning to happen anywhere and everywhere giving educators the peace of mind that pupils can learn and get practice unhindered.

Our administration tools also allow groups of schools to manage school data centrally.

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Interactive Letter Tiles

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Guides & Resources

Download a variety of guides, display resources and certificates for use with Spelling Shed.

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