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Bridge the Gap: Empower Secondary Pupils with EdShed

EdShed is your one-stop shop for literacy mastery and bridges any gaps that secondary pupils may have in their literacy knowledge.

Spelling Shed and Phonics Shed are the dynamic duo of EdShed's arsenal, specifically designed to address common learning gaps. Phonics Shed builds a rock-solid foundation with its narrative-driven, multi-sensory approach, ensuring pupils grasp the fundamentals of sound-letter relationships. Spelling Shed equips pupils with the tools to master spelling patterns and complex grammar, all while building a robust vocabulary.

The attainment gap can occur for a variety of reasons, a key one affecting many pupils is COVID-19. The impact of COVID-19 on education is undeniable, leaving many secondary pupils with gaps in crucial skills like spelling, vocabulary and grammar. Let EdShed help you fill those crucial gaps in knowledge and empower your pupils’ learning.

How can EdShed make your life easier?

We understand the pressure teachers face, so we've designed our platform with efficiency in mind. Our intuitive homework tool lets you assign targeted activities with a few clicks. No more endless photocopying or late-night lesson planning!

EdShed's self-marking quizzes identify individual pupil gaps with pinpoint accuracy, highlighting weaknesses in specific spelling patterns, grammar rules or vocabulary areas.

EdShed SPAG quiz EdShed completed quiz

EdShed generates handy reports that provide an overview of your class's progress. See exactly where each pupil needs the most support, allowing you to personalise your approach and fill those gaps with laser precision.

Microsoft sign-in via MyLogin makes access seamless and secure. Pupils can log in with their existing accounts, eliminating the need for extra username/password juggles.

Mastery Zone

Mastery Zone is the AI-driven EdShed tool that ensures each pupil’s learning is focused on the words and spelling patterns they need to master in order to progress. Powered by our own Nano Bees, Mastery Zone begins by guiding each pupil through a mini-diagnostic to determine their strengths and areas for improvement.

Once a baseline has been established, our Nano Bees select 10 Focus Words that will come up frequently during game play. These 10 words will be combined with other spelling words from the Stage the pupil is on. Once a word has been spelled correctly, it is played on harder levels until a pupil has mastered it. Once mastered, this word will appear in their Mastered Words list.

Pupils are encouraged to play daily and will receive a bumble stamp for each consecutive day played. Once pupils have achieved a 5-day streak, they will receive a bonus of 100 honey pots that can be used to personalise or buy accessories for their avatar.

Mastery Zone acts as a tireless learning companion, continuously tracking each pupil's spelling and vocabulary gaps and automatically providing targeted practice until mastery is achieved, freeing teachers for richer classroom experiences.

Mastery Zone results

With EdShed, you can:

  • Fill critical knowledge gaps in spelling, vocabulary and grammar.
  • Reduce your workload with automated homework and self-marking quizzes.
  • Gain actionable insights through personalised data reports.
  • Make use of AI-driven Mastery Zone to continuously track and fill each pupil’s spelling and vocabulary gaps.
  • Empower your pupils to take control of their learning.

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